Unwrap a Mummy at The Field Museum in Chicago

17 April, 2013 - 18:47

Collaboration between the Field Museuof Natural History  in Chicago and the Interactive Institute in Sweden has resulted in a new 'virtual mummy' exhibit being built for the the annual 'Members Night' events at the museum in Chicago, which takes place on 18th and 19th April 2013.

The star of the show is one of the Egyptian mummies from the museum's extensive mummy collection, widely known as the 'Gilded Lady'. Using the Inside Explorer visualisation system, developed by the team at the Interactive Institute, visitors to the museum will for the first time have the opportunity to interactively explore this fascinating example from Egypt using an interactive touch screen and 3D visualisation in unprecedented detail.

The Gilded Lady is known as such because her head is clad with gold. However a great deal more will be revealed with the new exhibit. The Inside Explorer system uses medical CT data obtained after the Gilded Lady was recently scanned by the museum. This means that layers can be virtually peeled away one by one without touching the actual mummy and reveal intricate detail from the inside out. This is a unique journey through time for visitors and curators alike.

While this is not the first mummy project that the Interactive Institute team has undertaken (an Inside Explorer table was recently installed at the British Museum in London), this is the first to be installed in the USA.

Watch The Field Museum's video "Unwrap a Mummy Interactive Teaser":