[Un]Real Estate : Experience Design course underway!

18 November, 2009 - 15:42

The course [Un]Real Estate, initiated and taught by Ramia Mazé and Martin Avila, has just started up! The 10-week course in Experience Design at Konstfack examines the role of design in effecting value(s).

Challenging typical conceptions of value (typically only considered in economic terms), [Un]Real Estate will examine social, cultural and environmental aspects. The course considers values that may be marginalized, as well as the power of informing change processes from the bottom up by introducing artifacts that challenge mainstream norms of value, belief and behavior. Guests with related research and creative practices will lecture, guide field-trips, and engage in the student's work - these are Henrik Ernstson (from the Stockholm Resilience Center) and Annika Enqvist and Thérèse Kristiansson (from the New Beauty Council).

"Experience design might also be employed to change or re(e)valuate the status and stakeholders in a specific site or situation... This raises a range of new questions – how are values created and
changed? Who has a role or stake in this? How do values connect to the

Ongoing activities and outcomes will be documented on the course blog.

Martin, Annika, and Thérèse were also involved in DESIGN ACT Seminar 3, a collaboration between Iaspis and the Interactive Institute. Video excerpts from the seminar are featured online!