Time to go around the world – Journeyman sets sail!

14 September, 2011 - 15:40

On Monday, September 19, the world's first private sensor-equipped sailboat sets sail and begins a three-year long world tour. Journeyman will act as a 60 feet long user lab in the Ocean Search project in order to measure climate data. Journeyman is specially designed by Jesper Weissglas, who is also the captain. Take the opportunity to join our Sail Away Event this Saturday!

Ocean Search is a unique project where one of the goals is to equip ordinary recreational sailboats with small sensor packages so that they can measure climate data wherever they are. The first prototype is installed on Journeyman and the research institutes within Swedish ICT is now facing the challenge to scale it down to a device that can be put in tens of thousands of boats.- The collaboration between Ocean Search and Journeyman enables an incredibly exciting development, says project leader Magnus Jonsson, Interactive Institute. Through Journeyman we have access to unique test facilities worldwide and an international user group that is very valuable to the project.During the past three years, Jesper Weissglas has been focused on building Journeyman who finally will leave port in Fisksätra and head out on the oceans. – It's great to be able to provide a platform for Ocean Search since it fits so well with the boat's profile and my personal interest, says Jesper. Jesper's incentive during the construction of the boat has been to build a boat with an environmental profile and to offer a place where ordinary people can get out to sea to experience nature. - I'm not a lonely sailor, so it is really a dream come true for me to be able to take the stressful city dwellers on an extraordinary adventure.Ocean Search is led by the Interactive Institute in collaboration with Journeyman, Imego, SIWI, The Swedish Institute and The Good Guys. The Interactive Institute and Imego are part of Swedish ICT.

Photo: Stefan Nyberg