This year's New Media Meeting attracted a great number of art, media and music enthusiasts

3 June, 2009 - 11:55

This year's New Media Meeting attracted in usual order a great number of art, media and music enthusiasts. The three-day festival program was filled with talks, workshops, a wide variety of music performances and installations. The festival is organized by non-profit organization Resistans. The Interactive Institute is one of the several collaboration partners supporting the festival. For more information about the festival please visit: follows images from some of the many talks, music performances and installations that were presented at this year´s festival.Arlene Birt (US) is an grafic designer that focuses on background communication: bringing cultural, environmental, political and historical stories into focus. Birt presented the project Background Stories that is about building context connections in Foods. She also presented the design research project Reclaim your data that is a collaboration with the Interactive Institute.For more information about Arlene Birt and the different projects please visit the following links: ,,, Chris O´Shea (UK) is an artist and designer, creating interactive work for both public institutions and private companies. O´Shea presented several of his projects and talked about his interest in creating experiences that playfully challenge our perception of spaces and objects.For more information about Chris O´Shea´s works please visit: Pictures is Geska Helena Andersson and Robert Brecevic - a Stockholm based artist duo, working in the area of moving images and new technologies for media delivery as part of the Interactive Institute. The artist presented their body of work that consist of pictures that perform - but only in the meeting with the viewer.

For more information about Performing Pictures please visit: Bauder (DE) is the founder of the art and design Studio WHITEvoid that was established in 2004. Studio WHITEvoid operates at the interface of art, design and technology. Bauder presented several projects developed by the Studio and he also talked about different sources of inspiration that lies as a basis for the projects.For more information please visit: Wilcox (US) is a computer engineer by trade and a musician by heart. Wilcox presented the Robot Cowboy Manifesto that consists of ten points that explains the reason for doing a Robot Cowboy: 1 – The cyborg embodies the computation, 2 - Plug and play, 3 – Human frailty, 4 – Human energy, 5 – Good with the bad, 6 – Real prototype, 7 – The non-recording artist!, 8 – What you see is what you get, 9 – What you hear is what you get, 10 – Creative freedom. Wilcox also presented some other projects during his presentation.

Images from the music performance by newcomers on the music sceen Den Svenska Björnstammen that where one of the several artists that performed during the festival.

Audience during the performance by Den Svenska Björnstammen. 

Christina Öhman from the Interactive Institute came to the festival together with her son Rickard.


Text and images by Tina Finnäs