"Think" at Ars Electronica

17 August, 2007 - 16:47

The installation Think, created by the Nvision Studio at the Interactive Institute, has been invited to participate in the exhibition “Pixelspaces 2007: Onfield”, a part of the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz - Austria. Ars Electronica Festival has annually 35 000 visitors from around the world and is regarded as one of the most prestigious festivals for international new-media art.

Think encourages meetings between people with ideas and thoughts in public environments. The installation is spread over a variety of locations, including an online web site and onfield tables feeding back to a central visualization of the shared content.Visitors hang out in a relaxed atmosphere at the tables to discuss ideas and can share them by writing with a felt-tip pen. These ideas are sent to the interactive visualization wall and the web site. The installation web site is available for sharing also when the onfield installation is unavailable. By sharing thoughts through different interfaces, Think reaches both event participants and the general public. Thus, it links the event and its forum in time and space with other communities.People can physically interact with the shared content at the visualization wall; creating shadows and silhouettes on the wall. Thoughts are presented as comic strip bubbles, emerging above the silhouettes of visitors who linger in front of the visualization. As the festival proceeds, the wall evolves to a representation of the collective mind and reflects visitor’s reactions against their experiences.  The installation will be at display at the Ars Electronica center and throughout the City of Linz during the period September 5-11.

For more information please visit www.tii.se/think and www.aec.at