The next level (Event Design)

5 December, 2007 - 10:19

Event Design, 20071203

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"There’s only one place to experience first-hand the future of design
and technology from every corner of the globe—Wired magazine’s annual
NextFest, which took Los Angeles by storm this Fall. For the second
year running, Event Design editors were on the floor, seeking out the
hottest, most innovative up-and-coming design solutions and
technologies for what has become an annual NextFest recap.The
setup for 2007 was similar to the previous year, with exhibition zones
set up for technologies that represented the future of security,
education, exploration, play, entertainment, transportation, health,
communication, robotics, green, and design. This year,
interactive was the big buzz word, with designers and technology
developers seeking out new ways to engage the public. No fewer than
four installations on the floor required attendees to interact with
technology via their wireless phones—either to play a game or alter and
control environments via lighting and text messages. Presentation
screen technologies on display included seamless high-def projection
surfaces, and truly three-dimensional, large-scale color LED displays.
Green technologies ranged from solar-powered, illuminated window shades
to a completely eco-friendly house built right on the show floor. And
that’s just a taste of the innovations on display at Wired’s annual
design and technology expo. Read on and dig a little deeper into 20
things you missed at this year’s NextFest. Plug. In."