The Gradient (blog): The Center for Sensibility: Towards Critical Graphic Design Practice

25 September, 2013 - 13:30

Ramia Mazé, senior researcher at Interactive Institute, is mentioned in this blog post published September 20, 2013, by Amanda Thomas. Read the blog post here: The Center for Sensibility: Towards Critical Graphic Design Practice

"Self-reflexivity is not a kind of useless play or aimless wandering. And, this type of freedom is not equivalent to the type of freedom the art world seeks. Instead, it is about showing design as a uniquely self-sufficient and antonymous discipline, where designer’s self-reflective practices can be used as a way to define or strengthen our discipline: where designers themselves apply critical discourse to active practice. My favorite phrasing of this idea, as seen in the header text, comes from Ramia Mazé in her lecture delivered at the Forms of Inquiry exhibition (you can read the transcript in the book for the exhibition, titled The Reader). As designers, we have the opportunity to use the visual forms and vehicles of communication that we typically use for everyday practice in way that afford the running room for critical practice."