Reprogramming the City

15 June, 2015 - 16:26

“What if?” is the central question in the exhibition Reprogramming the City displayed at ArkDes from June 17 to August 30.

Reprogramming the City is a result of an ongoing global research project
created and curated by Scott Burnham who is an American City Developing Strategist, focusing unutilized possibilities in cities and the exploration of opportunities that already exists. The purpose is to show how urban problems can be solved by reprogramming the city with a collection of ideas from all over the world.

Urban Mining is part of the palette of interesting ideas forming the exhibition at ArkDes. Urban Mining is an installation developed by Interactive Institute Swedish ICT in collaboration with Linköping University that visualizes what is buried in the grounds under the city of Norrköping. The interactive model shows how the city can be a deposit for metals. The visitor is able to dig into the grids of power and gas that are abounded left in the ground.

How can we reprogram our handling of waste into thinking of them as valuable assets? The re-use of copper, aluminium and iron have endless application possibilities, if they were to be exploited.

Take a trip to ArkDes and explore new ways to Reprogramming the City

Reprogramming the City – trailer from ArkDes on Vimeo.