Ramia Mazé teaches "Prototyping the Future" at Umeå Institute of Design

28 January, 2013 - 00:00

"Prototyping the Future" (PtF) is Umeå Institute of Design's third annual 1-week course that joins together students, faculty, and staff at all levels, held between between January 28 and February 1, 2013. PtF is an opportunity to develop personal skills as well as to explore how the boundaries in education can be pushed forward. The aim of the course is to push the boundaries of design and design education by using the course as a strategic tool for understanding and developing the future of education. Students and staff together explore the future scenarios for education and society, for students as part of their education and their preparation for a future professional life, and for staff as an opportunity to continue developing in their work.

External facilitators guide the course through different future scenarios of where society could be heading, and then relate the possible futures to what that would mean for the role, skills and responsibilities of designers, and what that in turn would mean that a design education would have to include to prepare for that future scenario. PtF'13 facilitators included Illona Gaynor, Ben Singleton, Panu Johansson, Matt Sinclair and Ramia Mazé. Ramia facilitated a group of 15 working with the theme "The micropolitics of sustainability".