Ramia Mazé presents at designaustria!

6 November, 2011 - 15:35

As part of a lecture series by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Ramia Mazé was invited to present at designaustria on Nov 5. She spoke about several of the projects she has been involved in at the Interactive Institute, specifically taking up issues of criticality within design research and within socio-political practices of design.  

Introduction to the lecture series: "'Das Unbehagen in der Gestaltung' - 'The Uneasiness in Gestaltung' investigates the myth of Gestaltung in art, culture, and theory. In social and political terms, a great deal is expected from Gestaltung as the term seems to be key to many forms of contemporary agency. The individual lectures will interrogate hegemonic practices and alternative strategies in the various contexts that Gestaltung plays a role. At the Institute of Education in the Arts (and its departments Art and Communication; Design and Context; Fashions and Styles; Pedagogy, Arts and Culture) the term Gestaltung plays a special role. Looked at from the  perspectives of these departmental frames, the series asks what an advanced and ambitious position of Gestaltung would be in regards to agency, practice,and spatiality?"

The series features is organized by the department Education in the Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, and features presentations by prominent designers, curators and academics.