Ramia Mazé in a panel at the Romanian Cultural Institute

21 February, 2013 - 00:00

Ramia Mazé participated in a roundtable panel discussing the topic "From the Public to the Commons", moderated by Constantin Petcou & Doina Petrescu (atelier d’architecture autogéréé) and Alex Axinte (studioBASAR) and hosted by the Romanian Cultural Institute on Mar 21, 2013.


• Ramia Mazé: Design roles in formulating - or politicizing - the commons
• Rochus Urban Hinkel: (agonistic) micro-acts of resistance: explorations in the pedagogical context of the design studio.
• Cristi Borcan: Bucuresti: City In Between
• Tor Lindstrad: Tools vs. Platforms
• Annika Enqvist: Forest Food For Thought - Forest gardening as a way of commoning
• Helen Runting: Making space: urban planning and the politics of re-regulation
• Constantin Petcou: R-Urban Commons
• Hélène Frichot: What we share in common: Sketching an Ecology of Practices for Architecture
• Catharina Gabrielsson: Difference, not Identity: Reasons to stay Public