Ramia Mazé featured on DESIS Open Lectures

15 April, 2012 - 21:01

A video of Ramia Mazé's lecture 'Social Innovation: Design Roles in Sustainable Development' is featured on the Public and Collaborative lecture series by the Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability organization (DESIS). The lecture was originally given as part of the 'In the Loop' public series of lunch lectures at the Institute of Design at the Illinois Institute of Technology. The lecture was attended by faculty, students and alumni from multiple schools at IIT as well as companies and non-profit organizations.


"In practice, an increasing number and range of designers are working with social, and societal issues, f.ex. healthcare, sustainability, education and learning, accessibility (aging, etc.). There is a range of alternative and emerging formulations of design, often amended as ‘social’, ‘activist’, ‘critical’, ‘relational’, ‘humanitarian’, ‘service’, etc. These kinds of design practices often operate in or with the public realm, the social sector, and in the developing world, across sectors, disciplines, cultures, and towards an enormously diverse range of stakeholders – this is an expansion, or evolution, of the design discipline from its early traditional as a ‘service profession’ to industry. These emerging formulations might be understand as a natural evolution of what’s been called ‘post-industrial’ design – today, and in these emerging design practices, we need further ways of thinking about and doing ‘research’ and ‘innovation’"

Link to the video of the lecture