Ramia Mazé facilitates a workshop in New York

17 November, 2011 - 16:04

Ramia Mazé was a facilitator at the workshop "Open Design for Organizational Innovation" held on November 17th in New York. Led by Laura Forlano (PhD, assistant professor at IIT Institute of Design), the workshop was organized by Cornell University as part
of the NSF VOSS project on "Design Collaborations as Sociotechnical
Systems", in which designers and social scientists explore emergent
forms of design collaborations as well as the methods and tools that
enable them. The workshop was also part of the "Amplifying Creative Communities" project of the DESIS Lab at Parsons
The New School for Design, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation’s NYC
Cultural Innovation Fund 2009, and it took part within the Amplify Brooklyn exhibition at St Nicks Alliance in Brooklyn. 28 people participated, including leading academics, designers and entrepreneurs.

Exploring and further developing design methods from the perspective of Open Design Now, she facilitated a group working with the topic "Telling Our Story: How do we let the community of North Brooklyn know about St. Nick’s services and successes? Can we find innovative and creative ways to tell the story and reach out to the community including potential donors/supporters and potential clients? How can end-users be engaged in the narrative about St. Nick’s?"

Ramia's involvment is through her project Designing Social Innovation, in which Amplify will be featured as a case study of approaches to 'social sustainability'. 

Link to a video summarizing the workshop