Première of "Maten på bordet"

4 December, 2009 - 13:56

Music, documentaries, ecological soup and three interactive installations addressing questions such as: Are all kinds of meat bad for the climate? Do I have to be rich to eat ecological food? and How does a sustainable city look like? The opening of Kulturhuset’s exhibition “Hur mycket drar en stockholmare?”, 12 October 2009, attracted a large audience and interest for Interactive Institute’s new installation “Maten på bordet”. The installation is an interface for exploring food products’ backgrounds and environmental impacts. By placing a product on the surface, the product is identified visually by an IR-camera, whereby information graphics are generated. The dynamic information visualization supports multiple users to explore, compare and understand how different sorts of food generate climate gas discharge, and many casual discussions between visitors started while using the installation.Maten på bordet is a part of Reclaim Your Data - and will be put to display until 28 March 2010.