Paper presented at the Participatory Innovation Conference in Melbourne

23 January, 2012 - 16:50

Brendon Clark & Euan Fraser presented their paper, Delivering Collaboration, with co-authors Jakob Boije and Jonathan Young (Ergonomidesign) at the Participatory Innovation Conference at Swindburne University in Melbourne, Australia (

The paper explores a shift in practice from a “delivery mode” of working from outside of a company, to organizing project environments and activities in a “collaborative mode” of working with company stakeholders, consumers, and other expertise. Through a recent project example of compressed innovation labs, the paper highlights how the shift challenges stakeholders to make sense of working with unfinished material in order to appreciate their own role in the process, whilst at the same time challenge the consults to renegotiate the way they use their skills and how they deliver value.

The Participatory Innovation conference, in its second year, brings together researchers and practitioners from a wide variety of fields and knowledge traditions to explore the theory and practice of collaborative innovation. This year’s conference was organized in 5 parallel tracks.

•          Indigenous Knowledge and Cultural Innovation

•          Evolving Design Anthropology

•          Making Design and Analysing Interaction

•          Organising Participatory Innovation

•          Designing Innovative Business Models