New project launch: SWITCH! - Energy Ecologies in Everyday Life

5 December, 2007 - 11:39

Interactive institute's Design Research Unit is happy to announce that funding has been granted from STEM (Energimyndigheten/The Swedish Energy Agency) to launch the project 'SWITCH! Energy Ecologies in Everyday Life'.

SWITCH! will develop
design methods and design interventions to influence perceptions,
values, and use of energy in everyday life. Extending our previous work
on a household basis to neighborhoods, communities, and cities,
architectural and urban design will be additional sites for
materializing energy use and consequences. To investigate design and
human factors at a larger scale, we introduce ‘ecologies’ as a
theoretical approach to the complex technical, material, and social
layers in everyday life. The methodological and practical foundations
for this will be developed through distinct strategies for
materializing, debating, and evaluating changes in energy values and
use through workshops, prototypes, studies, and events.

project continues a trajectory of research at the Interactive Institute
concerned with design for energy awareness. In the previous projects, Static! and Aware,
focus has been on making energy more apparent in interactions between
people and products, and people and systems of products, within
households. SWITCH! expands the scale of focus, to examine interactions
on a neighborhood, community, and citywide basis. This expands
consideration to the design and use of complex and evolving systems –
or 'ecologies'.

Please visit the project webpage ( for more information.