Liquid Living – a master thesis about the Ocean Search platform to identfy drives and stakeholder relationship

14 November, 2011 - 10:57

Jop Japenga´s Master-thesis about Ocean Search from Department of Industrial Design Eindhoven University of Technology was presented as part of the Dutch Design Week.

Jop has through his work explored stakeholder drives and future value
exchange between research, sailors and public. The report dicusses a
design of a platform for oceanic research to explore a future lifestyle.
Liquid Living explores a potential future way of living through a
combination of design and research. It is looks at a number of trends
currently happening in society and technology, and at a future in which
we construct our own identities, through mediated connections, in a
place loose from location. In order to address this abstract future way
of living, a current day design case ‘Ocean Search’ is used. It is a
large project that creates a kit of sensors that measure different
values of water quality that can be installed on regular sailing boats.
As sea sailors travel around the oceans they will collect data for
oceanic researchers to use. As part of liquid living, possible ways in
which platform for oceanic data collection and communication might be
set up are explored. Specific focus in this initial iteration lies with
underlying motivations of people to join and with the sailors interface
to the platform.Different design methodologies are applied in each step
that works to a more specific idea of what the platform looks like.
Through taking these steps for this specific design case, the perception
of liquid living will change as well. It is the relation between the
design action and the understanding of abstract futures that is the
final reflection of this project.

The Master report can be downloaded from