Johanna Koljonen: Intimate Interactions With 5500-Year Old Corpse

15 September, 2013 - 10:22

Johanna Koljonen has published a blog article, Intimate Interactions With 5500-Year Old Corpse, about her visit to our studio in Norrköping. 

Excerpt from the blog article:

"Just back from a visit at Visualiceringscenter C in Norrköping, which is a kind of science cluster owned in part by my hosts, the Interactive Institute, which in addition to its Norrköping presence has six research studios in other Swedish cities. The ”visualization centre” has a 3D dome onto which they can project among other things a model, generated in real time, of the entire universe from all available datasources, some of which are also in real time. You just put on your 3D glasses and go on a guided interactive tour through space and time. Mind. Blown."