Johan Redström och Staffan Björk håller docentföreläsningar

28 May, 2008 - 14:24

Den 5 juni kommer seniorforskarna Johan Redström och Staffan Björk att hålla sina docentföreläsningar mellan kl. 10-12 på IT-universitetet i Göteborg. Efter genomförd godkänd docentföreläsning kommer de att antas som oavlönade docenter i interaktionsdesign på Chalmers.

Staffan Björk börjar kl 10.00 med föreläsningen "The Essence of Gaming", och Johan Redström fortsätter kl 11.00 med "Forms of use" (se abstracts nedan).

Plats: sal von Neumann, på plan 3
IT-universitetet, Forskningsgången 6, Göteborg.


The Essence of GamingThe interest in game research has grown significantly in recent years. Researchers from many difference disciplines have converged on the massively popular activity of playing games in all forms and shapes these appear in. The varied backgrounds, approaches, and paradigms of those exploring the phenomena of games have resulted in the collection of much knowledge, but also confusion and disagreements due to different frames of references and meaning of concepts. This lecture will present one view on what game research can be. Although influenced by interaction design and to a lesser degree other disciplines, the intention is that it should be a self-contained basis that does not rely on a “parent” discipline or describe game research as a subtopic of another area. The view is based upon experience in working in several research projects over approximately 10 years where fully functional games have been developed and tested. A description of different approaches to game research will be presented to lay the foundation of a more detailed exploration of what the essential characteristics of what games and gaming are.

Forms of UseBecause of the rather abstract or even vague nature of the concept of design, prefixes are sometimes needed for more precise reference. Rather than design in general, we refer to more specific areas like product design, graphic design, textile design, etc. Using such prefixes we narrow down the design area in question by reference to certain materials (like textiles), modes of production (like mass-produced industrial products), kinds of form (like graphic form), etc. that are central to that specific domain. Trying to understand and describe what interaction design is about, we may therefore ask what the prefix “interaction” actually refers to. Is it a matter of the basic material we work with, i.e. that the computers and information technology that interaction design developed in relation to is what defines the area? Or is it perhaps a matter of the basic form we work with, i.e. how the design of interaction in a certain sense is a presentation of a set of possibilities for how use may unfold over time? In order to reflect upon such questions, this talk will present an alternative interpretation in what the interaction of interaction design refers to.