Johan Fagerlönn defends his PhD thesis

15 November, 2011 - 16:52


Interactive Institute's Johan Fagerlönn will defend his PhD thesis entitled "Designing auditory warning signals to improve the safety of commercial vehicles" on December 7 at Luleå University of Technology.

Based on four studies, Johan's thesis aims to explore how to design auditory warning signals that can facilitate safer driving by operators of heavy goods vehicles. The first three studies focus on the relationships between certain characteristics of auditory warnings and various indicators of traffic safety. A deeper understanding of these relationships would allow system developers to design auditory signals that are better optimised for safety. The fourth study examines the opinions of both vehicle developers and professional drivers regarding warning attributes.One major conclusion is that meaningful warning sounds that are related to the critical event can improve safety. As compared with arbitrarily mapped sounds, meaningful sounds are easier to learn, can improve drivers’ situation awareness, and generate less interference and less annoyance. The thesis also supports the view that commercial drivers’ initial acceptance of these sounds may be very high.More information: Designing auditory warning signals to improve the safety of commercial vehicles

Listen to an interview with Johan made by Sveriges Radio: Ljud i förarhytten kan skapa säkrare förare