IT+Textiles book reprinted

5 May, 2011 - 09:02

The book documenting the IT+Textiles program has now been reprinted by the Centre for Textile Research. To order the book, contact CTF at ctf [at]


About IT+TextilesIn light of the imminent arrival of ambient intelligence and smart textiles, the design of computational and textile things are rapidly converging. Substantial attention is directed towards the new technical possibilities of these new materials, but less effort seems to be put into the challenging task of re-thinking the use of textiles and computational technology as design materials on the basis of the complex mixture of traditions, perspectives, concepts and methods that result from such convergence.

These challenges and opportunities inspired the IT+Textiles design research program. Trying to dissolve the distinction between technologies and design materials, we have combined textile and interaction design, textile and electrical engineering, philosophy and the behavioural sciences to find new approaches to issues of use and context, form and aesthetics, practice and theory. In this book, we describe the collection of materials, examples, methods and concepts we have developed in our investigation of this emerging design space.

IT+Textiles was a design research program led by the Interactive Institute and Newmad Technologies in collaboration with academic and industrial partners in Sweden between 2001 to 2004. It was funded by VINNOVA (the Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems), and it became one of the starting points for the Smart Textiles initiative.