Interactive Institute invited to talk about the future energy use at Energiutblick 2012

13 March, 2012 - 07:12

Carin Torstensson and Cecilia Katzeff are invited to the Swedish Energy Agency's yearly conference "Energiutblick 2012". They will talk about how to engage people to be active energy consumers in the smart grid. They will also introduce Interactive Institute's new research programme within this area. The electrical grid as we know it today has worked more or less in the same way for over a hundred years. However, great changes are shortly to be expected in this system forming the very core of modern society. The new “smart” technology is directed towards energy conservation and towards energy production without any impact on the environment. A major change from today’s electrical grid concerns how users of electricity will have to shift perspective of electricity supply. The Interactive Institute’s research programme “Future Energy Use – designing for people and sustainable practice in the smart grid” explores this new perspective. The programme focuses how design and design research may play a role in the transition to new behavioural patterns and social practices in relation to the future electrical grid.