Interactive Institute initiate a new collaboration with Riksteatern

18 May, 2009 - 08:29

The Interactive Institute , Riksteatern (Sweden’s leading nationwide theatre) and the festival New Media Meeting present a new collaboration in the form of an experimental project where artists from the traditional theatre scene meet artists from the new media field. Dancers, musicians, graphic designers, hackers, engineers and video artists are brought together in a workshop where they freely can develop new types of cross-boundary performances.

The project started during Spring 2009 and will culminate during the New Media Meeting May 28-30th. During the festival a living laboratory will be created and the different artists will work together with the goal to create an audiovisual performance that will be presented on Friday May 29th.

Participating artists: Sirqus Alfons, Nigel Jenkins (UK), PrickImage (UK), Digga Pony, LUR, Funfair Visual Artists andCarl-Johan Rosén.

For more information please visit or contact Thomas Rydell (thomas.rydell [at]