Interactive Institute holds exhibition at Stora Nolia

22 August, 2002 - 23:00

Two prototypes produced by Interactive Institute’s research studio in Piteå – Sonic – were exhibited at Stora Nolia in August. Curious visitors came to interact with both Playmate ands the installation Sonic Mirror, a sound mirror that transforms movements into sound.

Playmate is the first prototype produced by the Sonic studio. It was introduced at the official opening day of the studio in December 2001. Sonic Mirror is a joint project between Interative Institute’s Sonic and Emotional studios and the artist Dan Lestander. The installation is an interactive sound and image experience where the spectator’s movements are transformed into sound and graphics through a video camera and a sound database. In that way, the spectator creates herself both a sound and an image identity that she can learn to recognize and affect.

As many as 118,430 persons came to Stora Nolia, which thereby is the largest exhibition in Sweden regarding the number of visitors.