Interactive Institute exhibits in "Nordstan" during the Gothenburg International Science Festival, 20-25 April.

20 April, 2010 - 09:04

The theme and focus for this year's festival is For change! It's about how modern people can create a sustainable future with small and large changes.2010 theme is based on the green man in a changing world. How do we live now and in the future? What is sustainable for you and what are the driving forces that takes you towards a positive change? Is it about quality of life, health, security, accommodation, or perhaps to save or make money? What's in it for you?Interactive Institute is exhibiting design concepts with the name Visual Voltage. The exhibition enables visitors to explore various forms of electricity, and to experience and reflect on energy consumption.On Thursday, April 22, the Interactive Institute organizes a workshop in "Nordstan". The workshop is about finding new ways of how to socialize in the future, when the physical meetings and contacts online are increasingly interwoven into the reality, rather than being seen as different concepts. In the workshop we focus in particular on the common experiences of groups, rather than focus on individuals, and what conditions are available for the subjective experience to become  an "us", despite being physically at different locations. The workshop is intended primarily for young people but is open to all. It is part of the TA2 project. Read more about the TA2 project under the following links: