Interactive Institute at Nolia Mediapoint Acusticum

23 October, 2002 - 00:00

Nolia Mediapoint Acusticum on the 24th to the 26th of October 2002, is a meeting place for companies, academy and public service within the field of music, media and Internet. Mediapoint Acusticum is an exhibition with information and workshops for interactive media companies which aims at target groups interested in media. Interactive Institute’s northern node is in the centre of this Mediapoint.

Location: Acusticum 4, Piteå

Time: Thursday 24th Oct at 3.00-7.00 pmFriday 25th Oct at 10.00-5.00 pmSaturday 26th Oct at 10.00-3.00 pm

Interactive Institute Piteå – Sonic Studio searches for theoretical knowledge and practical experience of how sound and music can strengthen, simplify and sharpen people’s interaction with new media. At Nolia Mediapoint we illustrate this with two prototypes; Playmate and Visual Sonic, an interactive sound and image experience based on movements.

Interactive Institute Umeå – Tools for Creativity, Oryx Simulations and VRlabInteractive games attract young people. Old fashion media like television is considered passive. We present a virtual reality theatre where the play leader and the actors improvise and interact in a way that has never been tried out before. The meeting, which takes place through distributed VR technology, results in a theatre performance, “Incarnation of a Divine Being”, where the story takes unforeseen turns.The three project partners co-operate within interactive 3D graphics to strengthen the regional development of VR technology.