Interactive Institute runs workshop at Bonnier GRID summit

10 September, 2013 - 09:55

Every year Bonnier hand-picks 250 employees from around the world to attend their two-day GRID summit. GRID brings speakers and storytellers together for “Ideas, Stories and Inspiration”. For this year’s GRID13, September 10-11 in Stockholm, the Interactive Institute was invited to run the breakout activity New Mobile Business Opportunities. We created a 100-minute activity structured to go through a number of tasks from analysis, design and video recording a new concept scenario.

Prior to the event over 200 of the participants completed interviews focusing on how mobile technology influences people’s lives. In the workshop, 48 groups use the interviews as a starting point for analysis and the design of a new digital service. Groups are provided with a three-scene stage and props for performing their story. The workshop concludes with each group recording a 90-second One-shot video of the new concept scenario.

The workshop has been developed and facilitated by the Interactive Institutes’ Brendon Clark and Jakob Rubenson with Sara Reinholtz, Mahdis Aliasgari & Kajsa Davidsson and Bonnier's Andrea Mazey, Björn Jeffery, Elisabeth Palombo and Peder Bonnier.