inAVate: The Sound of Silence

28 December, 2010 - 11:30

InAVate, 24 December 2010.

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"“Parks are the lungs of a city,” said Frederick Law Olmsted, American journalist and landscape designer who co-developed New York’s Central Park. The comment does much to convey the sense of calm, relaxation and regeneration that a green space can provide in the centre of a built-up urban environment. But how do you stop the urban sprawl infiltrating, contaminating and polluting these special places? In particular how do you handle the noise that leaks from nearby roads and urban spaces? It’s an interesting acoustic challenge and one that has been tackled head on by a research team working at Mariatorget, a central square in Stockholm Sweden. The installation combines acoustic design and sound art research in an attempt to tackle an area that suffers acutely with noise pollution. A team, boasting expertise in acoustic simulation and psychoacoustics, is conducting the research funded by the Swedish Research Council. APart and Sennheiser Nordic, the manufacturer’s local distributor, sponsored the project with free amps and speakers.The project brought together academics from numerous Stockholm institutes: Björn Hellström, from the College of Arts, Crafts and Design; Mats Nilsson, from the Department of Psychology at Stockholm University and Peter Becker and Peter Lundén at the Interactive Institute."