'From Ego to Eco' at KTH School of Architecture

28 August, 2009 - 13:54

Ramia Mazé, from the Interactive Institute's Design Research Unit, took part in an ambitious seminar on Sustainability launching the school year for the diploma students at the School of Architecture, KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Entitled 'From Ego to Eco', the seminar was hosted by Helena Mattsson and Tim Anstey and took place on August 27. Presenters included: Sara Grahn, professor at KTH and partner at White Arkitekter, who presented sustainability principles and architectural examples; Robert Sakula, who made three propositions about sustainability illustrated with projects from Ash Sakula Architects in the UK; Marja Lundgren, from White, spoke about ecological and energy issues and socio-architectural factors, and; Karin Bradley, from the Urban Studies department at KTH argued for politicizing sustainable development based on ideas of environmental justice and equity developed within her recent PhD.

Ramia Mazé's presentation, RE:Forming Sustainability, reflected on the powerful role of architecture and design in shaping material culture and environmental values. She argued for the need to further develop 'critical practices' of architecture and design to engage in the ideas behind – in addition to solutions to – environmental challenges. Her perspective was illustrated with examples from the Static! and Switch! design research programs at the Interactive Institute.

A lively discussion moderated by Jonathan Hale discussed issues such as the changing role and responsibility of architecture today.