FAST COMPANY: The Puzzle Switch and Five Other Low-Tech Designs That Increase Energy Awareness

3 June, 2009 - 10:56

Our electricity use is invisible, so we consume it without much thought. That's a problem, and two Swedish designers are tackling it with clever, low-tech designs meant to make us a bit more conscious of the energy we use. They're currently on view in Washington, D.C., at the House of
--the swank event space which also houses the Swedish Embassy.

Industrial designer Karin Ehrnberger and interactive designer Loove Broms hold designer dream jobs: Reinventing everyday objects at the Interactive Institute, a Swedish, tech-oriented design think tank. Their Aware series isn't like the high-tech gimcracks that have become commonplace, when designers invent ways to curb energy use. Rather, each of them makes energy consciousness manifest, in their physical design.

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