Fast Company: Museum Invites Visitors To Unwrap A Mummy

27 March, 2014 - 18:06

"Mummies simply beg to be unwrapped. As curious humans, we have little interest in opening coffins, but we simply need to know what each unique permutation of human beef jerky looks like once it’s wrapped in cloth. It’s as if we’re all the guests of honor at a macabre birthday party, and with every new mummy, King Tut just sent another gift our way.

Now, Stockholm's Medelhavsmuseet, along with the Interactive Institute Swedish ICT, is offering museum visitors a means to unwrap the Egyptian priest Neswaiu, virtually. Amidst an embalming room filled with your standard sarcophagi sits a touch-screen monitor. And via the swipe of a finger, people can delve into Neswaiu’s remains, layer by layer, as captured by 360-degree camera rigs and a CT scan."

Read the article written by Mark Wilson here: Museum Invites Visitors To Unwrap A Mummy, Virtually