FashionUnited: Sustainable design

4 March, 2010 - 11:12

FashionUnited, 2010-03-03.

Read the article here: Sustainabile design

"In association with Puma.Safe, the Design Museum is showcasing
'Sustainable Futures'
from 31 st March – 5th September. This exhibition features design
projects that explore issues associated with sustainability. Portrayed
through a selection of directional design, the exhibition focusing on
how design can lead the way and make a positive contribution towards a
more sustainable future.

Curated under five themes: Cities, Energy and Economies, Food,
Materiality and the Creative Citizen, Sustainable Futures will explore
projects that are either in the market place or in development. Fashion
designer Christopher Raeburn and his Digital Rainbow Collection which
reuses Ministry of Defense parachute materials will be displayed
alongside projects that have not yet been seen by a wider audience,
including the Energy AWARE Clock designed by the Interactive Institute
in Stockholm that monitors the energy consumption in a domestic
household, Local River by Mathieu Lehanneur, a concept for a domestic
‘refrigerator-aquarium’ that breeds freshwater fish and grows herbs at
the same time, and Yves Bèhar’s FUSE project for sports lifestyle brand
Puma which is set to revolutionise their packaging and distribution

Visitors will be encouraged to look at their own consumption habits
and recognise the individual role they can play in embracing
sustainability. The website will also
enable visitors to engage with sustainable issues and share their
opinions on sustainability.

Jochen Zeitz, Chairman and CEO, Puma AG comments: “PumaVision,
through our Puma.Safe program, is honoured to partner with the Design
Museum to introduce groundbreaking work in sustainable design. As a
business leader in environmental and social initiatives, Puma’s
commitment to sustainability is reflected in the exhibition, ‘Can
design make a difference’, which will drive and encourage individuals
and corporations to achieve a higher standard of sustainable practice.”