Energy Design presented two papers at DIS 2010

15 September, 2010 - 13:45

Energy design participated with two papers at DIS 2010 (Designing Interactive Systems) - an ACM conference which took place in Århus, Denmark 18-20 August. Loove Broms and Cecilia Katzeff presented the full paper “Coffee Maker Patterns and the Design of Energy Feedback Artefacts”, authored by Loove Broms, Cecilia Katzeff, Magnus Bång, Åsa Tunheden, Sara Ilstedt Hjelm and Karin Ehrnberger. Li Jönsson presented the short paper “Wattlite; Energy Statistics Made Tangible”, authored by Li Jönsson, Loove Broms and Cecilia Katzeff. The papers will soon be found on our website among publications.