Design objects on exhibit at Tekniska Museet

7 December, 2009 - 09:40


Three results from design research project AWARE are part of an exhibition at Tekniska Museet. AWARE Laundry Lamp (above), AWARE Chandelier and Energy AWARE Clock are set up together with various other thought-provoking Swedish designs. Among the other objects is a miniature of "Fogshower" by Jão Diego Schimansky / Electrolux Design Lab (to the left in picture above), a shower that uses only two litres of water per shower.


Besides the design exhibit there is also an interactive exhibit at Tekniska Museet. The overall theme of the interactive exhibit is an Energy Game, in
which the climate is at stake. The game revolves around an interactive
exhibition on energy and the climate and about small and large choices
in the past and present. People can discover how to lessen their impact on the environment and at the same time see some fresh ideas in how to generate energy in cleaner ways, like the wave energy generator (picture above).