17 September, 2009 - 14:18

Experimenta’s ten-year synthesis of the state we’re inSeptember 17, 2009 by Emily CampbellFiled under: Design and Society Experimenta, the Lisbon design biennale, dubbed EXD’09, feels relatively free of the hostilities and anxieties that characterise similar meetings of the transnational design élite. Am I in or am I out? Am I clever enough? Is our show as good as their show? Under the leadership of co-founder Guta Moura-Guedes – beguiling, intense and impressively networked – the multidimensional tenth anniversary edition (themed “It’s About Time“) included a star-lit and -studded dinner in a ruined abbey on Saturday night graced by the Mayor of Lisbon and the Portugese Minister for Culture.

Interactive Institute´s Ramia Mazé was co-organizer and moderator for the DESIGN ACT seminar at ExperimentaDesign'09, which included a panel discussion including Emily Cambell.   


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