Carl Heath talks on Makerspaces in school at Teach Meet Almedalen

19 June, 2014 - 10:06

Carl Heath is one of the founding members of Collaboratory, a Maker Space in Göteborg, and has a long history working in school development and ICT in Education. Carl has also founded Hackerklubben - an initiative to learn kids to code in Göteborg, Sweden.

A Maker Space is a place for making, doing and tinkering, where one together with others experiment, design, explore, innovate and develop with the help of various design materials and tools, both analog and digital in nature. And they need to find a way into the formal school system.

We want innovators to continue to transform our world. We want to see schools and other learning environments respond to the challenges of the future through discovery, exploration, co-creation and making. As more and more schools are gaining access to 21st century tools, from one to one computer environments to educational software and internet resoruces, there is a need to continue to mold the school into a place of entrepreneurship, making and creation with both digital and analog tools. Programming is one of the more important languages of our modern world. 3D printers and scanners to design software and laser cutters create opportunities in schools. Thanks to the democratization of technology, it is easier than ever for inventors to create just about anything. We want schools, teachers and students to get involved in the Maker Movement.

Here more on this topic at Teach Meet Almedalen.

#tmalmedalen - St Nicolai Ruin 2 juli kl. 16-17