Audio game "iSpooks" now on App Store

14 June, 2010 - 10:48


The audio mystery game "iSpooks: The Manor" has now been released and is for sale on App Store for $ 0.99. iSpooks is a result of a EU RDF research project where we test the limits of using audio as a key element in computer games and lately specifically for mobile platforms. The player's task takes place in a haunted house where one must solve a mystery with help of ghosts and objects. iSpooks is a game that is heavy with audio but with less graphics, even though the haunted house is fully furnished and rendered in 3D!

The overall aim is to show the potential in sound to induce emotions and enhance an experience but as well to carry meaningful information. The researh part of the project will be carried out during the fall where we aim to study sounds potential as a gameplay driver.

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