A Drawing of MocapTango by Lydia de Zwart

30 November, 2017 - 11:28

Eindhovens Dagblad (ED), 29 October 2017

"EINDHOVEN - A group illustrators or 'visual reporters' with the name Drawing the Times occupy during the Dutch Design Week the erea of Strijp-S. Every day they draw inside the Klokgebouw about the Dutch Design Week."

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RISE Interactive Umeå exhibited their project MocapTango inside the Klokgebouw during the Dutch Design Week.
MoCap Tango is a design research project that exposes and amplifies the subtle qualities embedded in the physical dialogue between two tango dancers. Custom-made wearables and a motion-capture system tracked the movements of two world-class dancers. This data is used to create visualisations and 3D printed sculptures of the movements.
During this exhibition period, illustrator Lydia de Zwart created this special drawing of the MocapTango sculptures:

Drawing: Lydia de Zwart och text ED: Rob Schoonen