Key areaGame design and gamification

Game design and gamification

Games, gameplay and gamification are becoming increasingly pervasive in our society. Not only are games becoming one of the main leisure activities and more and more being seen as having a cultural value, they are being possible to play nearly anywhere through the use of smartphones and other mobile IT. In addition, the mechanics within games are also seen as possibilities for transforming all types of task and activities to be more engaging and stimulating.

Gamification, the use of game mechanics and game design techniques in non-game contexts, has also emerged into an area of much interest from both society and business. At RISE Interactive (formerly called Interactive Institute), we explore how gameplay can be combined with novel technologies to create synergies that can affect all areas of society. With leading expertise in game studies, gameplay and gamification, RISE Interactive plays an important part in the exploration and innovation within the field.

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Rego Granlund
PhD, Researcher

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