Inside Explorer at the Natural History Museum

CASE STUDY - Natural History museum (UK)

The story
The Interactive Institute and Visualization Center C have worked together with scientists at the Natural History Museum to present the visitors with an unprecedented hands-on experience presenting some the musueums most valuable objects.

On 28 September, the Natural History Museum in London opened its doors for their biggest ever after hours ’Science Uncovered’ event, bringing to life to visitors the latest research, as well as the scientists behind some of the museum’s amazing collections. For the very first time, the museum showcased Inside Explorer Table allowing visitors to experience specially selected specimens from the museum’s collections in ways never before possible.

”What is compelling is how leading edge science is so closely linked to the gallery experience and is totally based on actual science data. When visitors virtually explore these remarkable artefacts on the visualization table, they can share the same thrill of discovery that the museum scientists experience every day in the labs.”

- Thomas Rydell, Studio Director at the Interactive Institute in Sweden.

At Science Uncovered, the Inside Explorer allowed visitors to explore objects from the museum collection in detail and virtually peel off layers, rotate, zoom, cut and reveal hidden details in ways that would never be possible with the physical objects themselves.

As one of the world’s leading natural sciences institutions, the museum collections include some scientifically unique and valuable specimens that are truly remarkable. Specimens at the table’ include a gecko trapped in amber for 20 million years, the world famous ’Tissint’ meteorite from Mars that fell to Earth in 2011, and a mummified cat from ancient Egypt. These artefacts were first scanned at the museum using the in-house Micro CT facilities. The results were then prepared for visualization and installed on the Inside Explorer visualization system by the team in Sweden.

” Demonstrating how our science is relevant to everyone in their daily lives is an important element of the Museum’s work and the ‘Table’ will offer a unique method for visitors to interact and learn about recent scientific discoveries directly from the scanned samples”

- Chris Jones, Head of Imaging & Analysis Centre  and Science Facilities at London’s Natural History Museum.

Partner: Natural History Museum
Location: London, UK
Type: Temporay exhibition / Event
Project: Science uncovered
Date: 2012-10-28 

Hardware: 55" mobile multitouch table 
MICRO CT objects from clients collectiom
Additional Services provided: Data interpreation, visualisation.Press material


Natural History Museum: "Mad about mars"
Natural History Museum: "Unwrap a mummified Egyptian cat at Science Uncovered"

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Ny Teknik (SE) "Mumiens innersta avslöjat"
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CASE STUDY - Singapore Science Center (Singapore)

Venue: Singapore Science Center
Location: Singapore
Type: Permanent exhibition 
Name: New You
Opening date: 2011-06-02 - Ongoing

Hardware: 55" custombuilt multitouch table 
CT Scanned medical anatomy data
Services provided: Custom UI work