GroupRISE Interactive Göteborg

RISE Interactive Göteborg

RISE Interactive Göteborg investigates and innovates theory, design, methodology, and technology practices within the areas below;

  • Future Internet
  • Social dimensions of IT
  • Hacker & Maker Culture
  • Learning
  • Game Design and Game Studies
  • Interaction Design and novel user interfaces

Fredrik Bergstrand
Researcher, Designer, Developer
+46 73 439 95 34
fredrik.bergstrand [at]

Erik Einebrant
Researcher, Designer and Developer
erik.einebrant [at]

Erik Einebrant
Researcher, Designer and Developer
+46 73 835 14 42
erik.einebrant [at]

Magnus Eriksson
+46 70 559 4464
magnus.eriksson [at]

Anya Ernest
Coordinating Internet of Sports & Wellbeing, Research and Design
+46 703 85 00 46
anya.ernest [at]

Carl Heath
Senior Researcher
+46 70 240 20 37
carl.heath [at]

Fanny Lindh
Junior researcher

fanny.lindh [at]

Peter Ljungstrand
Studio Director and Senior Researcher
+46 702 88 97 59
peter.ljungstrand [at]

Jacob Michelsen
Researcher, designer and developer
jacob.michelsen [at]

Gunnar Oledal
Researcher & Developer
+46 70 562 63 00
gunnar.oledal [at]

Katarina Pietrzak
Senior Project Manager
+46 73 62 23 662
katarina.pietrzak [at]

Niels Swinkels
+46 76 411 26 70
niels.swinkels [at]

Martin Törnros
Researcher, designer and developer
+46 702 80 00 54
martin.tornros [at]

Linus Österberg Nilsson
Research Assistant
+46 70 892 60 75
linus.osterberg-nilsson [at]

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