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Pushing the frontiers of design research, we work with artistic and traditional research perspectives and practices to identify and explore new research areas. We work with ‘applied’ research in the sense of using everyday situations and practices as a basis for intervention and development. Based on material and participatory practices of design, we use concepts, prototypes, performances and other formats that open up for rich experiences of also complex and conceptual matters.

As a research unit, we embody a wide range of expertise in design, including critical and social practices. From critical practice, we draw upon methods and tactics of conceptual and critical design to explore alternative values and roles for design. From social practice, we draw upon rich frameworks from design anthropology understanding people and practices, but also the more recent critique of the traditionally firm distinctions between the descriptive (anthropology) and the projective (design) to instead seek positions where they come together. As a result, the range of methods and materials of our toolbox is considerable. Working with methods stemming from user-centred and participatory design as well as from performative ethnography, we continuously develop new mechanisms for engagement – just as we use artistic research and experimental design to push the material practices of design in developing new materials, objects and systems.


Over the past ten years, we have established a series of new research areas through long-term research programs, a number of research and R&D projects, curriculum development, spin-off initiatives and companies. Using experimental design prototypes, we have demonstrated the unique possibilities for design research to very early in the process present intriguing, inspiring and informative examples that spur further discussion and discovery.

RISE Interactive Stockholm is an expansion of the studio formerly known as the Design Research Unit.


Wasim Brikhan
Designer Researcher
+46 70 095 52 21
wasim.brikhan [at]

Hayley Ho
+46 70 357 89 93
hayley.ho [at]


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Ramia Maze

Ramia Mazé worked at the Interactive Institute between October 2001 and March 2014. She began as a designer in the Göteborg PLAY studio (2001-3), she directed the PLAY studio and initiated and directed the Göteborg DESIGN studio (2003-5), and was a senior researcher and project leader at the Stockholm studios (2007-14). In 2007, she completed her PhD in interaction design through Malmö University and Blekinge Institute of Technology, sponsored by and about research at the Interactive Institute. Her research spans interdisciplinary and international projects, most recently focused on social and sustainable development, in which her expertise is participatory and critical approaches. Interactive Institute research projects: Designing Social Innovation (2010-13), Forms of Sustainability (2009-12), DESIGN ACT Socially and Politically Engaged Design (2008-11), Switch! Energy Ecologies (2008-10), Static! (2004-6), Public Play Spaces and Sonic City (2002-5), IT+Textiles (2001-5), Smart-Its (2001-3), more information and publications on these can be found in the Interactive Institute website. For Ramia Mazé's current activities and contact see: