Ecsite Annual Conference 2013 - Dreams, the spirit of innovation

In 2013 we will together with our partners Visualization Centre C and CMIV head to the annual Ecsite conference in Gothenburg.

The Ecsite conference is the most important conference for science communication on European level; the conference typically attracts more than 1000 professionals from science centres, natural history museums, universities, aquariums, zoos, research institutes and private companies.

At Ecsite we will showcase Inside Explorer and also host a really exciting interactive session with the title: “A Visitor's dream? Unwrapping the past - Virtual Autopsy Live!”.

The session will demonstrate how medical imaging and touch screen computer visualization systems are being used to create a new class of interactive museum exhibits. Museum scientists will perform a live virtual autopsy on a 5500 year old Egyptian mummy, from the British Museum and interactively explore a number of remarkable subjects from London's Natural History Museum, including a 20m year old gecko trapped in amber. Presented by world experts from 3 leading institutions from the UK and Sweden, the audience will also be invited to interact with the presenters and steer the investigations. A discussion will follow with where the scientists will be joined by exhibition designers, museum operators and industry experts to review the implications of this new capability for museums and science centres.

Don’t miss it!

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Thursday, June 6, 2013, 08:00 to Saturday, June 8, 2013, 17:00
Swedish Conference Centre
Mässans Gata 20