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Urban Life at RISE ICT is all about using ICT research and ICT implementations for the benefit of citizens, the environment and businesses. And to contribute to the emergence of sustainable, smart cities.

Big cities need to handle the dual challenges of an ever-growing population combined with dwindling natural resources – and simultaneously ensure social and economic sustainability. Humanity is currently using the resource equivalent of 1.6 planets with the predominant consumption in cities. The big cities are facing collapsing transportation systems, increasing air pollution, lack of clean water, pile-up of waste, etc. – and often even lack of governance to cope with these challenges in a meaningful way. Smaller cities face their own challenges, including attracting residents and creating employment opportunities. On the positive side, urbanization and migration transform cities into cultural melting pots and engines of creativity, innovation and growth. Regardless of a city’s size, and the obstacles or possibilities it faces, ICT is a key tool for developing its sustainable future.

At RISE ICT Urban Life we are experts in the introduction and application of sustainable ICT-based infrastructure for smart homes, buildings, cities and communities. We develop concepts based on open platforms, open data and access to digital infrastructure, in which development of business and collaboration models and privacy and security are equally important elements.

We are also experts in Sensor solutions and IoT platforms for environmental monitoring and energy efficiency and we always assume a development perspective, focusing on people and residents and prioritizing their needs and experiences.

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Roland Elverljung
Research Scientist
+46 (0)70 772 77 19
roland.elverljung [at]

Mattias Jacobsson
PhD, Senior Researcher

mattias.jacobsson [at]

Christian Jonasson
Group Manager / Research Scientist
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christian.jonasson [at]

Claus Popp Larsen
Head of Urban Life
+46 (0)70 688 19 42
clauspopp.larsen [at]

Örjan Mattsson
Senior Advisor

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Mikhail Popov
Senior Scientist
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mikhail.popov [at]

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