CASE: Workshop at Bonnier's GRID13

Bonnier’s annual GRID conference brings together some 250 media professionals from Bonnier around the world for two-days of ideas, stories and inspiration. This year, Bonnier asked the Interactive Institute to create an engaging and inspiring 100-minute workshop for all 250 people focusing on creating new mobile businesses. We saw this as a challenge to re-focus attention from a business idea, to putting human experience front and center. 

If you bring 5 people together from different countries, different professional backgrounds, and life experiences, you can do a lot in a short amount of time. The trick is to create a structure that allows people to work with past and future experiences at the same time.

- Brendon Clark, senior researcher, Interactive Institute




In his research, Brendon Clark explores collaborative formats that culminate in a shared expression. He sees “performance” as a central principle for organizing many experiences into one, in a way that displays emotion and makes the future tangible. Over the last several years he has been exploring a number of ways for making short, rough, one-shot videos to trigger participants to perform, adding important ingredients into project work. The GRID workshop challenged he and his co-workers, along with the GRID organizers from Bonnier, to develop a game-like structure that was analytic, exploratory and creative, based on the lives of everyday people, and ending with each group performing for videos they shot with their own smart phones.

... to engage 250 people in something concrete and tangible as well as relevant for their own development and work sounds like mission impossible, but that is what we did thanks to the workshop at GRID.
Jonas Bonnier, CEO Bonnier media

The workshop ended with each team of five producing a 90-second "doll-scenario" video. Later in the GRID13 program, Jonas Bonnier showed three chosen concept videos on the big screen. 

Note: Brendon Clark was initially introduced to the three-scene doll scenario format during his involvement in the Design Anthropological Innovation Model (DAIM) project by peers at the Danmark Design School’s CoDesign Cluster. See the book “Rehearsing the Future” edited by Joachim, Eva Brandt, Brendon Clark, Thomas Binder, 2010.